Cedi House

Project Name: Bank of Ghana Office Building Annex / Agricultural Development Bank Building (Cedi House)

Project Location Within Country: Accra 

Name of Client:Bank of Ghana.

Country: Ghana.

Narrative Description of Project:on

The project consisted of the construction  of a 15 storey office building complex with surface parking  facilities, two additional underground  floors for strong rooms, car parking with ramps and connecting vehicular and pedestrian bridges. Studies comprised geo-technical investigations, earthquake fault identification and tracing, subterranean water level investigation and testing for salt content and water quality as well as topographical surveys. Services included architectural, civil / structural and electromechanical designs, cost estimation, construction supervision and contract management.

Description of Actual Services Provided by ABP:

ABP was  responsible for subterranean and geo-technical investigations, topographical surveys, civil / structural engineering designs including underground and surface drainage systems, pumping houses, ventilation systems, strongrooms and supervision of all civil / structural works.

Cedi house-Accra